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To guarantee even more safety to all riders, SPARK further improved their airbag vests. As a result of these upgrades, the “Spark 2” children’s body protector is even more efficient: with its new triggering system, it now inflates in less than 250ms. The Spark 2 Airbag body protector gives the rider optimum protection in case of a fall. The vest is affixed to the saddle with a lanyard and inflates instantly when the horse and rider are separated. The Airbag vest is equipped with a replaceable gas cartridge and protects the entire upper body, from the neck to the tailbone, thanks to the air released into the inner bag when the cartridge is triggered. Once inflated, the vest absorbs shocks, the rider is cushioned when hitting the ground, and his or her head is held in place. The Spark 2 Airbag vest for children can be worn in any weather, on top of all other clothing for guaranteed efficiency. It features reflective piping for more visibility. On the comfort side, it is light, perfectly cut out around the arms for total freedom of movement, and features mesh bands for increased breathability.

The Spark 2 Airbag body protector vest for children is CRITT certified. Airbags are classified as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Please check local regulations for authorized use. Can be worn on top of a CE EN 13158:2009 BETA Level 3 body protector. The airbag vest comes ready-to-use with a Spark cartridge, a lanyard and the attachment for the saddle.
Beware: this vest must be used with 45g Spark cartridges only. Manufacturer’s warranty will be void if any other brand or wrong size cartridges are used. User liability will be automatically engaged if other brands or wrong size cartridges are used. Caution: the child model is triggered with a minimum weight of 30kg, so do not use with children weighing less than 30kg (66lb).

Composition: synthetic materials. Care: wipe with a damp sponge.

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